Mundo Reader, S.L. ("Mundo Reader") provides this Limited Warranty to the purchasers of the bq product(s) included in the retail package ("Producto").

Mundo Reader warrants that, during the warranty period, Mundo Reader or a service company authorized by Mundo Reader will correct, free of charge and within a commercially reasonable term, any defects in the materials, design or manufacture by means of repair or, should Mundo Reader, at its own discretion, consider it necessary, replace the Product in conformity with this Limited Warranty (unless the law should provide otherwise). This Limited Warranty will be valid and enforceable only in the country in which the Product was purchased, providing that Mundo Reader had commercialized the Product in such country. However, if the Product was purchased in a member state of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or Turkey and Mundo Reader had originally commercialized the Product in one of said countries, this Limited Warranty shall be valid in all the previously mentioned countries. Some limitations may apply to the service covered by the warranty owing to specific components of the Products in each country.

Warranty Period

The warranty period shall commence upon the original purchase of the Product by the first final user. The Product may be composed of a number of different parts and these parts may be covered by a different warranty period (henceforth, the "Warranty Period").

The warranty period has a duration of twenty-four (24) months for the mobile device and the accessories, whether included in the retail box alongside the mobile device or sold separately.

This warranty will be rendered invalid under the circumstances listed in the section entitled "What isn't covered?".

To the extent allowed by your's country legislation, the Warranty Period shall not be extended or renewed or otherwise affected by a subsequent resale, repair or replacement of the Product authorized by Mundo Reader. However, part(s)p repaired or replacement products supplied during the Warranty Period shall be covered by warranty during the rest of the original Warranty Period or for six (6) months following the date of repair or replacement, whichever is greater.

How to obtain warranty service

If you wish to present a claim under this Limited Warranty, please send the Product or defective part (if not the complete product) to a service company authorized by Mundo Reader. You can call a Mundo Reader customer service center (charges may apply depending on your phone line provider's rates) for further information on how to make a claim. You may find information on customer service centers and service companies authorized by Mundo Reader on the retail package or the local websites of Mundo Reader, where available.

Any claim made under this Limited Warranty shall be subject to notification on your part of the alleged defect to Mundo Reader or an authorized service company within a reasonable period of time after noticing and, in no case, after the expiry of the Warranty Period.

When making a claim under this Limited Warranty, you must provide the following: a) the Product (or the defective part) and b) the original receipt of purchase, clearly indicating the name and address of the retailer, date and place of the purchase, product type and serial number.

What is not covered?

1. This Limited Warranty does not cover user manuals or software, configuration, content, data or third-party links included with or downloaded to the product, including during installation, assembly, shipment or at any other moment along delivery chain, or acquired in any other way by you. Mundo Reader does not guarantee that Mundo Reader software will meet your needs, work in combination with any hardware or software provided by an independent supplier, or that the functioning of any software is free from interruptions or errors, or that any defect in the software will be subject to rectification or can be rectified.

2. This Limited Warranty does not cover:

3.This Limited Warranty does not cover defects or alleged defects caused by the fact that the Product has been used with, or in relation with any product, equipment, software and/or service not manufactured or supplied by Mundo Reader or that has been used for a purpose other than that for which it was designed. Defects may be caused by viruses from unauthorized access by you or others to services, other accounts, networks or computer systems. Such unauthorized access may occur through attacks by hackers, illicit acquisition of passwords or similar means.

4.This Limited Warranty does not cover defects caused by the fact that the battery has been subject to a shortcircuit or that the seals of the battery or the cells have broken or show signs of manipulation, or the fact that the battery has been used in equipment for which it was not designed.

5. This Limited Warranty shall not be valid if the Product has been opened, modified or repaired by people other than members ofan authorized service center, if it has been repaired with unauthorized spare parts or if the serial number of the Product, the mobile equipment date code or the IMEI number have been removed, erased, disfigured, altered or are illegible in any way, which shall be determined at the exclusive discretion of Mundo Reader.

6. This Limited Warranty shall not be valid if the Product has been exposed to humidity or extreme atmospheric or thermal conditions or rapid changes of these, corrosion, oxidation, dumping of food or liquid or the influence of chemical products.

Anomalous pixels policy

The screens on our devices are made up of thousands of pixels. As with any device of this type, it is impossible to guarantee that each and every individual pixel on each and every individual screen will work perfectly. The exhaustive procedures involved would make the manufacturing costs exorbitantly high, which would in turn impact upon the end price of the devices and render them unaffordable.

Like any other manufacturer, bq has to reach a compromise on price and quality of the end product. Despite the economic costs involved, at bq we have decided to adhere to the EN ISO 9241-303, 5, 7:2011 standard for Class II faults, which defines screen quality as follows:

For more information regarding this standard, please go to this link

If you are interested in other manufacturers' quality policies in this respect, more information is available at this link

Below is a pull-down menu containing a list of our devices. We have calculated the number of pixels for the screens of each device. If the number of dead pixels on your device exceeds the figure shown in the table, your device's screen is faulty, in which case please contact our technical support.

Productscreen resolutiontotals pixelsmax hot pixelsmax dead pixelsmax stuck pixels
Aquaris 3.5320 x 480153.600112
Aquaris 4480 x 800384.000112
Aquaris 4.5540 x 960518.400112
Aquaris 5540 x 960518.400112
Aquaris 5 HD720 x 1280921.600225
Aquaris 5.71080 x 19202.073.6004410
Curie / Curie 21024 x 768786.432224
Curie 2 Quad Core1024 x 768804.864224
Edison / Edison 2 / Edison 2 Quad Core1280 x 8001.024.000225
Elcano800 x 12801.024.000225
Hypatia800 x 600480.000112
Kepler1024 x 768786.432224
Kepler 2800 x 600480.000112
Livingstone1280 x 8001.024.000225
Maxwell / Maxwell 2 / Maxwell 2 Lite1024 x 600614.400113
Maxwell 2 Plus / Maxwell 2 Quad Core1280 x 8001.024.000225
Newton1280 x 8001.024.000225
Pascal1024 x 600614.400113
Platón480 x 800384.000112
Tesla1024 x 768786.432224
Tesla W81280 x 8001.024.000225
There are certain small imperfections (such as anomalous pixels, dust motes trapped under the surface and marks which are only noticeable when against a white background) which cannot be considered defects, as they fall beneath the threshold of normal visibility and therefore do not affect normal and reasonably ergonomic use of the device.

Although regulations do exist with regard to anomalous pixels (please consult our corresponding policy, above), as yet there is no literature or regulations that can be applied with regard to white marks or dust motes on the screen. In this respect, bq's policy is to consider the following cases acceptable (as they are not deemed to affect the normal use of the device or the viewing of content on the screen):

In both cases, marks or motes of less than 0.1 mm in size will not be taken into account for the above calculations, owing to the fact that they are not visible to the human eye.

Return or replacement with another device shall only be considered justified when the size or quantity of white marks or dust motes exceeds the limits established above.

Other important notices

An independent operator provides the SIM card and the cellular or other system or network in which the Product operates. Therefore, Mundo Reader shall not bear any liability under this warranty for the operation, availability, coverage, services or reach of the cellular or other system or network. Prior to the repair or replacement of the Product by Mundo Reader or the service company authorized by Mundo Reader, the operator may have to remove any lock of a SIM card or other type of lock used to prevent Product access to a specific operator or network. In such situations, please contact the operator to unlock the Product.

Remember that you must make backup copies or keep written records of all the important data and content stored on your Product, as data and content may be lost during the repair or replacement of the Product. In accordance with the section entitled "Limitation of LIability of Mundo Reader"Mundo Reader shall bear no liability in any case, either explicitly or implicitly, for any damage or loss of any type resulting from the loss, damage or deformation relating to data or content during the repair or replacement of the Product.

All parts of the Product or other units replaced by Mundo Reader shall become the property of Mundo Reader. When the product is not covered by the terms and conditions of this Limited Warranty, Mundo Reader and the service companies authorized by the same reserve the right to charge for labour. In the repair or replacement of the Product, Mundo Reader may use new products or parts that are equivalent to new parts or restored parts.

Your product may include parts that are specific to your country, including the software. When the product has been exported from its original destination country to another country, the Product may include specific items of the country that are not considered defects under this Limited Warranty.

Limitation of liability of Mundo Reader

This Limited Warranty is solely and exclusively a warranty by Mundo Reader and Mundo Reader shall bear sole and exclusive liability for defects in the Product. This Limited Warranty replaces any other liabilities and warranties of Mundo Reader, whether these be verbal, written, legal (non-binding), contractual, non-contractual or otherwise, including, though not limited to, to the extent allowed by the applicable law, any conditions, warranties or other implicit terms and conditions relating to the satisfactory quality or fitness for a specific end. However, this Limited Warranty shall not exclude or limit I) any of your (binding) legal rights under the applicable national law or ii) any of your rights against the retailer of the Product.

To the extent that it is allowed by the national law, Mundo Reader shall not be liable for loss, damage or deformation in the data, lost profits, loss of use of the Product or of functionality, loss of business, loss of contracts, loss of profits or loss of expected savings, increases in costs or expenses, any indirect losses or damages, emerging losses or damages or special losses or damages.

To the extent that it is allowed under the applicable law, the liability of Mundo Reader shall be limited to the purchase price of the Product. The foregoing limitations shall not apply in cases of major negligence or willful misconduct on the part of Mundo Reader or in case of death or personal injury resulting from proven negligence on the part of Mundo Reader.

NOTE! Your product is a sophisticated electronic product. Mundo Reader strongly recommends that you check the user guide and the instructions provided with the product and those related to the same. You must also remember that the Product may include screens of high precision, camera lenses and similar parts that may be exposed to scratches or other damage when not handed with extreme care. In no case shall this Warranty cover such events.

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